Meet Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr.

Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr. is a nationally renowned Visionary, Executive, Life Coach, Strategist and Motivational Speaker, who is esteemed as one of the most inspirational leaders in the country. With over 20 years of successful service and expertise, Dr. Bryant possesses the unique embodiment of passion, purpose and power that can elevate companies, communities and individuals to BE ENCOURAGED, BE EQUIPPED, and BE EMPOWERED. A trusted Advisor and Advocate within in the sports industry, Dr. Bryant provides life-coaching and consulting to professional teams and athletes throughout around the country, including engagements with the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball. Known to many as in the athletic world as “The Players’ Pastor” and “THE GAME CHANGER," Dr. Bryant uses his unique talents to provide confidential, professional, business and personal services, creating the tools to implement a GAME PLAN FOR SUCCESS. 

Chris Broussard

“Pastor Joseph Bryant is a man of great intelligence, integrity and vision...he offers advice and insight capable of empowering individuals and communities."  

Chris Broussard

NBA Analyst / Sports Media Personality   

Davin Joseph


"I give Dr. Bryant my highest endoresement. He's a top shelf-consultant and coach."

Davin Joseph

Former NFL Player, St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jamie Williams


"Dr.  Bryant is he leading voice of this generation to bring hope to athletes across the nation. He knows us. He gets us. And he can help us succeed. like no other. Both on and off the field." 

Dr. Jamie Williams
Super Bowl Champion, Retired San Francisco 49er Professional Life Coaching & Speakers Bureau for Professional Athletes speaking

Larry Grant


"Players need someone they can talk to that can hear them out and give them what they need to keep them motivated and moving forward. That's what I always get from Dr. Bryant"  


Larry Grant 

St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers

Adrienne J. Lawrence


"Dr. Bryant not only  offers a wealth of expertise but provides opportunities, encouragement  and training through the power of sports." 

Adrienne J. Lawrence

Legal Analyst & Anchor 

Leonard Stephens


“Dr. Bryant is insightful, an out of the box thinker, a visionary, focused and a great listener. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for personal life coaching.”  


Leonard Stephens    

Managing Partner, Perfect Performance. Former Wall Street Investment Banker. Six Year NFL Career  



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