The mission of the Good News Today Foundation is to provide resources, services and support for at risk youth, underprivileged families and underserved communities. 

Vision Academy Our Founder

A message from Kian Alavi.


Good News Today seeks to create, facilitate and fund programs, services and scholarships benefitting underserved children in the areas of academics, athletics, technology, performing and visual arts, and health. practical.

The Good News Foundation also provides at-risk children and families with hands on, support by providing and supporting programs in Education, Employment, Emotional and Economic Stability. 

Good News assists community groups, outreach programs and other nonprofits in the fulfillment of their specific goals in order to effectively serve targeted areas of challenge and need.

Good News specializes in providing specialized services to the ongoing efforts of professional athletes and their family funds, foundations and community based organizations to utilize their status for maximum impact in their hometowns, college towns, team cities and on a national platform.

The Foundation additionally seeks to provide families with unique, event-based experiences that offer a break from their daily routine, create community and a sense of belonging, and exposes them to the hope and possibilities of their own lives for today and tomorrow.