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Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr.

Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr. is a nationally renowned Visionary, Executive, Life Coach, Strategist and Motivational Speaker, who is esteemed as one of the most inspirational leaders in the country. With over 20 years of successful service and expertise, Dr. Bryant possesses the unique embodiment of passion, purpose and power that can elevate companies, communities and individuals to BE ENCOURAGED, BE EQUIPPED, and BE EMPOWERED. A trusted Advisor and Advocate within in the sports industry, Dr. Bryant provides life-coaching and consulting to professional teams and athletes throughout around the country, including engagements with the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball. Known to many as in the athletic world as “The Players’ Pastor” and “THE GAME CHANGER”, Dr. Bryant uses his unique talents to provide confidential, professional, business and personal services, creating the tools to implement a GAME PLAN FOR SUCCESS. 


JB Life Coaching (JBLC) is a full-service Sports Management company that serves professional athletes on and off the field. Under the trusted guidance of Founder and C.E.O. Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr., JBLC provides guidance and training for professional athletes in the areas of personal coaching, player development, business planning, brand expansion, community engagement, event production and post-career/retirement transition services. JBLC specializes in assisting athletes to implement the same internal skill set that allowed them to succeed in on the field (Teamwork, Dedication, Perseverance), then equipping them with key tools to maximize their platform, pursue new dreams and provide an even wider scope of impact upon our society.  


THE JBLC PROSPEAK- Speaker Bureau is a network of current and former professional athletes who are committed to using their voices and their unique life journey to inspire and impact the lives of others. After reaching the pinnacle of athletic success within their given sport, these men and women of character are dedicated to imparting wisdom, tools and knowledge from their personal experiences that can then translate into a game plan for success both on and off the field. The objective of each Speaker is to utilize their platform, visibility and personal brand all for the greater good, as they seek to share messages of hope and success which have led them to become Winners in Sports and Winners in Life.    

Each year, Dr. Bryant and his team host a series of events that features current and former professional athletes who wish to use their voices, and unique life experiences, to inspire and impact the lives of others. Each ProSpeak event features: · Topics selected by the athletes · Individual story telling opportunities · Panels of Speakers, allowing deep discussions between guests and moderator · Opportunity to connect to a quality network of game-changers. Contact us for a copy of the 2018 ProSpeak Series Press Kit:  

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